Coins and Tokens

At AU Trading, our collectible coins offer a distinctive and tangible way to celebrate the cherished universes of cartoons and comics. These coins are not merely currency; they're crafted keepsakes that commemorate the heroes and stories that inspire us.

For the collector with a taste for the extraordinary, we feature light-up coins that bring a touch of magic to your collection. Imagine a coin that, with a simple touch, illuminates to reveal the emblem of Superman or the iconic Bat-Signal, adding a dynamic element to your display.

Our range spans from the realms of DC and Marvel to the adventurous worlds of anime. Fans of "Dragon Ball" might find coins engraved with the likeness of Goku, while "Sailor Moon" collectors can cherish coins adorned with the Sailor Scouts. Each piece is meticulously minted, often limited in production, and sometimes accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

These coins serve as a unique medium to capture the art and essence of beloved characters from cartoons and comics, offering fans a timeless piece of memorabilia that can be passed down through generations. Whether displayed or kept safe in special cases, these collectible coins are treasures that encapsulate the enduring legacy of our favorite stories.