About Us

AU Trading is the premier destination for collectors and enthusiasts of the comic book and animation worlds. Founded on a passion for the stories that shape our imagination, we provide a marketplace for the exchange of exceptional collectibles from revered comic series, captivating Japanese anime, and the legendary Star Wars franchise.

Our diverse range of products includes sought-after comic books, meticulously crafted action figures, and memorabilia that span across the Marvel Universe, the rich landscapes of anime, and the epic saga of Star Wars. We also specialize in collectible posters, offering fans a chance to own a piece of artistic and cinematic history with posters from classic and contemporary series.

For those who seek a more unique piece, our collection of collectible coins, including exclusive light-up versions, offers a distinctive way to commemorate iconic characters and emblems from their favorite stories. Each item in our collection is curated with care, ensuring quality and authenticity for our customers.

At AU Trading, we're more than a store; we're a community of storytellers and dreamers, holding onto the pieces that remind us of the adventures we cherish. Join us in celebrating the art, the action, and the timeless tales that continue to inspire generations of fans.